🚴 Welcome to Rend Lake Electric Bike Rentals by AshBeas LLC!

We're thrilled to have you join us for an adventure around Rend Lake! Here's what you need to know to make the most of your rental experience:

  1. Reservation Process: After selecting your bikes and any accessories, complete the necessary documents , we'll handle the rest- delivering your bikes directly to you!
  2. Delivery & Drop-off: Bike delivery occurs between 8-10 AM. For drop-off, simply return the bikes to the same location by 6 PM unless otherwise arranged. We provide a bike lock for your convenience if you need to leave the bikes unattended.
  3. Meeting Point: If you selected "Other" as your delivery location during the reservation process, we'll meet you there at the designated time.
  4. Bad Weather: If the weather is bad, raining and lightning, don't worry! We get it, no one wants to bike in that! We will refund you or move your reservation to the next available date! 

If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to make your electric bike rental experience smooth, safe, and memorable!

Thanks for choosing Rend Lake Electric Bike Rentals by AshBeas LLC!



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